Yikesite has been designed with a content-driven approach at its core. Most of this revolves around making sure that as a web professional, you can concentrate on the content at the beginning of a project. Our Template Sites are designed using black, white and gray. So, you can get the function of what you need in a site, but you are not putting color in until your message has been refined.

Next, we make it very easy to add content to your site. Using the simple page creation, you can build out a site map of a complex website in a matter of minutes. For a given page, type in the name of the subpages and hit enter. A new page is created and automatically appears in the menu system. To edit a page, click on the edit link at the bottom of the page. Change your content. Save. Done.

Once you have the majority of pages in the site, reorganize the site to your liking. Go to the page you want to move. Click admin, then the move button. Move the page, all images, files, modules and subpages to where you want it. Again, the website menu is automatically updated. If you want to experiment with a radically different organization, you can always duplicate your site, so you can go back to where you were if it doesn't work.

Once you have your website organized the way you like it, you can now show it to a designer. They will know exactly what to do graphically to enforce the main messages of your website. Implement, and you will have one happpy client on your hands.