Fortunately, implementing a website is not nearly as arduous, expensive and time-consuming as in days past. Using online editing tools (also known as content management systems) such as Village CMS means that you can edit content independently of the design. In addition, templates, search engine optimization and analytics can automatically be built into the website without the editor needing to perform specific tasks.

Implementation is now often the least time-consuming aspect of building a site—it can take only few days, rather than weeks or months.

Websites can also offer multiple services such as invoicing, shopping carts, simple or complex forms, and mailing lists, all available through the use of "Software as a Service" options. From the user’s perspective these services all appear to be on one website. 

Perhaps most importantly, this approach ensures that we no longer have to burden overworked web designers or developers with simple maintenance tasks such as uploading or editing content, and editors do not have to learn complicated or inflexible software programs to update a website.

Congratulations. You are on your way to giving birth to a brand new website.