Some questions and answers about YikeSite.

You will provide first level support to your clients. You are welcome to contact us to help with any clarifications you might need.

Absolutely. When you first signup as a reseller you get a YOURCMS.yikesite.com domain name. However, you also get an unbranded domain name like YOURCMS.customerhost.com which you can use temporarily until you point your domain name.

If you don't have a wildcard domain name pointed, your customers will get a URL like CUSTOMER.clientwebsite.net. When you point your domain name, they will signup to CUSTOMER.<your-domain-name>.

Most domain name registrars will allow you to point a wildcard domain name at our server. What you need to do is make a CNAME for your * wildcard to app.yikesite.com or an A record to Some registrars will charge you additional to do this but registrars like GoDaddy will do this for free.

Any website created with YikeSite can output designs that work well in any browser. The extent of which browsers/platforms you support depends on how well you set up the CSS/HTML. The default template we provide is tested in the major browsers.

The admin and edit features of YikeSite have restrictions on which browsers you can use. We recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari (Mac or PC). They're free and work great.

Not at this time. There are a good handful of domain name registrars that will not only let you point your domain name at us and will also host your e-mail.

YikeSite is a service aimed at web developers and designers and as such requires basic knowledge of HTML/CSS to edit templates. If you would rather, you can hire us as your technical resource. All you need to do is send us your layered graphic file and we will take your design and make it into a website.

We offer the YikeSite Website Dashboard free of charge, and the ability to host websites for free while you are building them, so you have the opportunity to try out the software before you commit.

No, YikeSite is only available as a hosted service. But you can edit your site in YikeSite and publish to your server with one-click. This is useful if you want to use YikeSite as a staging server but host the actual files on a separate server.

All of our plans are month-to-month. There are no sign-up fees.

Yes. There are no cancellation fees to worry about either.

Our company is YikeSoftware Inc. and we have offices in beautiful Vancouver, BC and charming Guelph, ON Canada. Like, how's it goin' eh?

Yes, we will move your websites over from what you currently have to YikeSite. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Yes. If you or your clients have content in a word processor such as Word, you can upload it to YikeSite! YikeSite also has an inline editor built into the CMS. You can also use Markdown, if you prefer.

Yes. There are several modules that will let you pull full or partial subpages to the parent page, including FAQ and blog modules. See modules for more information.

You can paste any plugin code directly into YikeSite and we will also provide and continually develop widgets. Let us know if there is anything particular you seek!



Yes! Choose from our template sites that are based on twitter bootstrap, which are a great starting point for a responsive website.

Yes. You can make any website in YikeSite accessible using the correct colour contrasts. Drop us an email if you want to learn more about this for your websites.

There is basic tracking of users. On any page you can see who last modified that page. Please let us know if you have greater requirements in this regard.

YikeSite is a hosted solution, so there is no ftp or ssh access to the server.