This is pretty straightforward. For visitors to feel satisfied, you need to have good quality material on your website. This will increase traffic as users spread knowledge of your site through the web and by word of mouth.

What YikeSite does

What you can do

Write easy to read text - This allows visitors to understand your material and act accordingly.

Stay organized around each topic - Make it easy to tell when one subject area ends and another begins. Otherwise, visitors may get confused.

Use relevant language - Keywords play a large role in how search engines choose which sites to display. The more keywords you use, the more variety of visitors you will get.

Provide fresh, unique content - Writing new website content encourages your existing visitors to return and will help bring new visitors as well.

Offer exclusive content or services - This is where you need to come up with ideas that will draw visitors to your website and allow it to grow.

Create content primarily for your users, not search engines - Designing your site around search engine results will not work if your content doesn't cater to people's needs.

Consider hiring an editor - Quality content is an important part of any first-class website. Hiring an editor ensures that content is organized by topic, language and formatting is consistent, and your text is free from embarrassing typos and grammatical errors.