Template Sites

A good starting point for your websites

Template sites are a good way of getting your website project off to a good start. A number of template sites are available to cover a variety of layouts and functions.

Template sites are a combination of two basic components: site pages and a theme. A template site has all of the functionality of a regular site with a special flag that makes it available under the "Templates" tab of your dashboard.

Site Pages

Create any number of pages in your site, with whatever content and modules you want to have. All of it gets copied when you create a new site for a great starting point.


The second component of the template site is the Theme. The theme is the collection of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Modules that control the look and feel of the website. The theme controls things like location and size of the header, footer and sidebar, what kind of menu system will be used, and how the website will be styled. See our theme documentation for more information. The free template sites that we offer utilize the popular Bootstrap framework, so that the websites are responsive, and there are lots of resources available if you want to customize it. Of course, you are free to use whatever CSS framework you are comfortable with.

YikeSite comes standard with a number of templates that you can use or feel free to create your own templates. If you feel that we should have a template that is not there, let us know and we will see how we can help.