YikeSite Website Dashboard

Yikesite Website Dashboard

Manage all your websites in one place

The YikeSite Website Dashboard has been designed to make the creation and management of websites as efficient as possible. 

Access the management of your site by selecting the "Sites" tab in the main Dashboard menu: 

The Site Management provides an easy way of managing all your websites in one convenient place. It will let you:

Click on Site Details for more information, including managing users and general settings.

Click on the Create New Site button to create new sites based on one of your template sites.

Click on Site Details Dropdown to Publish, Duplicate, Login or edit Site Details on the spot.

Site Details

Sites Details ScreenThe Site Details provide a more detailed, expanded look at a given website.

The information provided is as follows:

  • Site URL with link to site.
  • Whether the site is pubished, or not.
  • The Plan the site is on -- Basic or Pro.
  • Private Site status (only available on Pro plan), therefore requiring a password to view the site.
  • Template Site status. Changing to Yes will put it in the template area.
  • The Page Editor being used.
  • Site Users for the site. See more on managing site users.
  • Account Users (ie. your staff) for the site. See more on managing account users.
  • Internal Note for important info about the site or client.


Functions that are available here are:

  • Duplicate a Site. Particularly useful for website upgrades.
  • Publish / Unpublish a Site. Make a site go live / offline with its own URL.
  • Edit Settings. Edit Settings for the Site Details, outlined above.
  • Login. This logs you into the site that you would like to edit or administer.

Create New Site Page

Creating new sites

Creating a new website is a simple process that can be tailored to your specific needs and/or niche market. Start by clicking on the Create New Site button at the bottom of the main Website Dashboard. 

This launches the New Website Screen, where you can enter the following:

  • Enter a concise, descriptive Site Name 
  • Enter a Secure Editing URL for the site. You can choose one similar to the Site Name, or stay with the randomly generated one. You can always change this later
  • Choose a Template Site, from one of the defaults or one that you have created yourself
  • Generally keep the Hide from Search Engines check-box checked until you make the site live 
  • Select the default Page Editor for the site
  • Select the Plan your customer will be on
  • Select the customer's Time Zone. Timestamps for when pages are edited will use this setting

Your new website will be created as an exact duplicate of the Template Site that you chose.


YikeSite Site and Account Users

Site user management

To manage users for a given site, click on the Site Details button within the Manage Website Dashboard.

Users are near the bottom of the page, like so: 

Site Users are users specific to this one site. You can add site users through the end user interface or the Dashboard, according to the plan that the site is on. Account Users are members of your team that can only be added to a site through the Dashboard. 

Adding Site Users

Add Site User Button

To add a Site User, click on the Add User button. 

This opens the Site Add User Screen. Here you can add your Name, Email and Password to create a new user. Then select permissions as outlined above. 

Simply set the permissions you would like this user to have, and click Add User to save. 


NOTE: If you are adding a user that already has an account on YikeSite, upon entering the email address, you will get this kind of a message:

Existing User Dialogue


Managing Site Users

Manage Site User ListTo manage a Site User, click on the User. 

This presents the Manage User screen where you will be able to see and change the permissions of a particular user.

Change Permissions allows you to update their permissions. Or you can remove the user from the site. 


Site Permissions

Both Site Users and Account Users can be given rights and privileges specific to that site. Click on a user to view their permissions. Then, click on the Change Permissions button to modify their permissions. The permissions give flexibility for different people to have different permissions. These permissions mean that a user:

  • Site User PermissionsCan view pages
  • Can edit pages
  • Can administer pages, including add, move and delete
  • Can manage site users
  • Can update the site settings
  • And can update the site theme

Permissions for a Site User can be granted from within the customer's site.

Account user management

Account Users belong to a reseller account. They can be given access to as many or few sites as you wish within the Account -- and you have control over what permissions they have. In addition, you control the permissions they have on each site. They can have View Only access on one site, and Update Theme access on another, as you would for a Site User. 

Adding account users

Add Acount UserTo add an Account user to a site, select the user from the Account User dropdown on the Site Details page, and click Add

When the user has been added, click on the user to Manage Account User for this site. If the user is not in the dropdown, add an Account User. If there are no Account Users available to add, the dropdown will not appear.

Managing account users

Manage Account UserTo manage an account user, first click on the user

This will present the Site Permissions screen where you will be able to view the permissions of that particular user, just as you would for a Site User.

Click Change Permissions to open the permissions screen for that user.

Click Remove from Site to remove this Account User from the Site. 

Manage your account

Access the management of your account by clicking on the Account tab in the main dashboard menu: 

The functions that are available are: 


Edit account

Click on Edit Account button to change the Account Name or the Default Template.


Edit Name or Select Default Template and click Update Account


Manage account billing

Go to the Billing tab within Account Management to set up billing for your site. This includes:

  • Your billing address
  • A summary of the sites that are published, and what the monthly costs are for those
  • Any discount that may be applied for your account
  • The credit card to be billled
  • Your next billing date
  • The invoices that have been generated

Changing Address

Click on Change Address to change the billing address. Note, change the Company Name if billing is done through a different name than the name of the Account (i.e. The Account is "My Own CMS" but the company that runs it is "My Own Company Inc"). Invoices will be addressed here.

 Click Update Address to save.

Change Credit Card Number

On the main billing screen, click on Change Credit Card to update your card information. NOTE: YikeSite does not store credit card information, rather it is passed on to the payment processor.

Credit Card Info

Click on on Submit to edit.



Manage account users

Go to the Manage Users tab within Account Management to manage account users for your site. 

Click on a user to view their details, including the account permissions they hold, and the sites they have access to. 

Click on a site to edit site permissions that user has for a given site. Make Owner, makes this person responsible for the site. Remove from Account takes this user off, and is no longer able to access any of the sites they previously had access to unless they are a Site User on those accounts. 

Edit User edits the account permissions for the Account User. 

In this case, the user is able to create new site, but cannot destroy accounts or manage account billing. 

Add account users

Account Users belong to a reseller account. They can be given access to any website with the Account, and you have control over what permissions they have. An Accounts User can have access to as many or few sites as you wish. In addition, they can have View Only access on one site, and Update Theme access on another, as you would for a Site User. 

Click on Add User within Account Management to add a new account user to your site. 

In this case the user can only work on existing sites, as they are not able to create or destroy sites, or manage the account billing.