Manage your account

Access the management of your account by clicking on the Account tab in the main dashboard menu: 

The functions that are available are: 


Click on Edit Account button to change the Account Name or the Default Template.


Edit Name or Select Default Template and click Update Account


Go to the Billing tab within Account Management to set up billing for your site. This includes:

  • Your billing address
  • A summary of the sites that are published, and what the monthly costs are for those
  • Any discount that may be applied for your account
  • The credit card to be billled
  • Your next billing date
  • The invoices that have been generated

Changing Address

Click on Change Address to change the billing address. Note, change the Company Name if billing is done through a different name than the name of the Account (i.e. The Account is "My Own CMS" but the company that runs it is "My Own Company Inc"). Invoices will be addressed here.

 Click Update Address to save.

Change Credit Card Number

On the main billing screen, click on Change Credit Card to update your card information. NOTE: YikeSite does not store credit card information, rather it is passed on to the payment processor.

Credit Card Info

Click on on Submit to edit.



Go to the Manage Users tab within Account Management to manage account users for your site. 

Click on a user to view their details, including the account permissions they hold, and the sites they have access to. 

Click on a site to edit site permissions that user has for a given site. Make Owner, makes this person responsible for the site. Remove from Account takes this user off, and is no longer able to access any of the sites they previously had access to unless they are a Site User on those accounts. 

Edit User edits the account permissions for the Account User. 

In this case, the user is able to create new site, but cannot destroy accounts or manage account billing. 

Account Users belong to a reseller account. They can be given access to any website with the Account, and you have control over what permissions they have. An Accounts User can have access to as many or few sites as you wish. In addition, they can have View Only access on one site, and Update Theme access on another, as you would for a Site User. 

Click on Add User within Account Management to add a new account user to your site. 

In this case the user can only work on existing sites, as they are not able to create or destroy sites, or manage the account billing.